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Your Lead Generation Partners

We specialise in 'pay per lead' digital marketing.

We work with established B2C businesses with proven products and sales processes to generate leads on a 'pay per lead' basis. We provide you qualified leads that that your sales team will love, at a cost that works for you and us

Where We Excel

We specialise in ‘pay per lead’ digital marketing. We have all the skills necessary to handle all the hard stuff. You focus on running your business, we take care of generating qualified leads for you.


We’ll help you identify and zero in on the most suitable leads for your business so you are not wasting time with 'tyre kickers'.

Sales Funnels

When you engage us, your landing page and sales funnels are on the house. We are talking elegantly designed, conversion-focused landing pages and sales funnels based our proven processes. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We are optimising nerds and will continue to improve your custom ads, funnels and landing pages as often as necessary to ensure your investment is yielding the best returns.

Lead Segmentation

Not all leads are the same. Our funnels ask leads a series of questions and segment them based on the quality. That way you can prioritise your resource to serving the leads that are ready to act.

Security & Compliance

We follow best practices on data collection and compliance, keeping both your data and your customers' data secure.


We put our systems to work to generate as many leads as you need on a ‘cost per lead’ basis that works for both you and us.  From 20 leads per week to 2,000+, we can deliver what you need.

Our Marketing Arsenal

We have different networks and tools at our disposal to make sure we source the most relevant and qualified leads for your business. These are just a few of the lead generating tools we specialise in.


Why you'll love working with us

Qualified Leads Delivered
Based on your criteria, using propriety questionnaire system, we’ll filter out unqualified leads from being delivered to you.

In addition, you’ll receive all the vital information collected during the lead generation process so you can have a full picture of the prospects before you contact them.

No complicated retainers
Unlike most agencies you would be familiar with, our model is a little different. We like to put our money where our mouth is.

We do not charge any setup fees or sign you up to any retainer contracts without any guarantee of ROI for you as a business. We work on the ‘Cost Per lead’ model meaning there are no lock-in contracts and we provide you only with the quantities that you are comfortable with.

If you want more leads we can provide them, similarly, if you want to scale back during slower periods there are no additional costs incurred. Most customers find this flexibility a real asset to their business.

Your Next Steps

Book A Discovery Call

Get in touch with us! You're only a phone call away from getting all the leads you need to grow your business.

Get Qualified Leads

Start getting as many qualified leads as you need in some cases as early as the same months of set up and waiting

Grow Your Business

Forget marketing efforts that loose money. Enjoy a steady flow of business


Hi, I'm John Kiama
Founder & Head of Growth, Client Generation


I really want to thank you for stopping by and checking out our site.

My goal here is very simple: I want to help you grow your business with the certainty and confidence of never having to worry about where the next client will come from.

Like you, I know that growing a business sustainably is hard work. This is why we've simplified our solution to cut through the jargon and marketing complexity so we can give you just what you need: qualified leads on a pay per lead basis. Not confusing marketing options, not followers and likes, no fancy web pages that don't convert, just qualified leads.

Bottom line, I love helping people simplify the client acquisition process and generate leads on tap, which translates to.. bringing your vision to reality, and growing your business to new heights!