How To Generate Higher Quality Leads

I want to share some strategies on how to increase the quality of leads that are actually coming through your business. Now over the years of working with business owners in helping businesses generate leads for their business, one common theme that I can tell you is most businesses do not have a problem with getting leads. It is the quality of leads that they are getting. So you might be able to get leads, but are those leads actually going to convert into customers?

Have a clear understanding of what a quality lead is
Number one is to have a clear definition of what a quality lead is for you? If you cannot define something, it is going to be hard for you to assess whether it is good or bad? So what does a quality lead mean for you? Does it mean that it is someone with a name and a phone number? Does it mean it is just a contact detail? Does it mean that it is someone who has gone through certain set of actions? Have a very clear definition of what you call a quality lead for you because that is going to help you as a team. It is just going to help you know whether this is a good lead or not. Define the quality.

The right targeting
Number two is targeting. A good way to increase your targeting is start by building a customer avatar. Now a customer avatar (or a customer profile) is as a quick description of your customer, so try and understand your ideal customer. Who are they? What gender? What sort of job roles? What is their pain points? What are the things that motivate them to take action? Who are the people they follow? This are all the things that you can put together in your customer avatar. If you are clear on your audience, that is going to mean you are talking to the right kind of people & telling them the right things. That is going to increase your lead quality.

Segment your database
Number three is segmenting your database. So what happens in most cases is people would send one big message. That would be regardless of what stage they are & their preferences. So what we want to do is to be able to always segment your database and what I mean by segmenting your database is organising your database based on interest & actions. Always make sure that you are always sending the messages to the right kind of people. Spend some time segmenting a database based on actions, interest, gender etc. Try & segment as much as you can.

Number four is nurturing. A lot of times, what happens is we tend to focus on people that are ready to buy and then we forget the other big part of the market. That is the people who are in the information/learning stage. Those are people that we can catch & by the time they are ready to buy, we are there for them. Having some form of a funnel or implementing some form of automation in your business will ensure that customers do not fall through the cracks, making sure that people are always getting nurtured before they come to you. What happens is if customers are nurtured before they actually come to you, it means that they are going to be more educated about the process & lead quality is actually going to go up.

Track everything
Number five. Keep track of everything. Understand what are the different lead sources you are getting leads from. What is performing good? What is performing better? Because the more you can understand the different lead sources and how they are performing, the more you can focus on niche channels.

Have a process of prequalifying leads
Number six is having a process of prequalifying. Have a way to get people to jump through the hoops before they come and work with you. Not everyone is eligible or good enough for them to be working with you. If you don’t have a process to prequalify people before they started working with you, then you are going not going to have people who are the right fit. You can prequalify them by industry, size of the business, the price they are willing to pay, the kind of actions they take etc. This is where if you are using a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management), you might implement something called leads scoring (which is adding scores or points depending on what people interact with your business & how). That is one of the things we tend to implement a lot for our clients. Depending on what action they are doing throughout the process, we are adding the points. If someone scores a certain amount of points, we know that this person is ready to buy or take the next action.

Test test test
Number seven is that I recommend testing. Test different landing pages, test different offers & that is going to help you increase the lead quality.
Lastly, implementing automation can help you seal some of the biggest cracks within your customer acquisition process and therefore increase the quality of leads. So this is something that I recommend that you look at in your business.

So there you have it, remember:

  • Have a clear understanding of what a quality lead is
  • Build a customer avatar (targeting)
  • Segment your database
  • Nurture potential customers
  • Keep track of everything
  • Have a process of prequalifying
  • Testing
  • Implement marketing automation

If you need more tips on how to generate leads and grow your business, keep following Client Generation Strategies.

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