How To Outsource Your Digital Marketing And Still Maintain Quality

I am going to share some tips on how to outsource your marketing & still maintain the quality. I have noticed that as more and more companies decide to do associate marketing, we tend to get a lot of messages coming through that you can tell very clearly that this is not the voice of the owner of a message. A good example is with LinkedIn. Have you ever connected with someone on LinkedIn, only for you to get a message from someone two minutes later & you can tell if this person was the one sending the message; it would not be the one. So we want to be able to outsource the marketing & still maintain your tone/voice as if you are the one who is actually doing it so that your customer does not feel jaded.

Have a strategy
When it comes to outsourcing the marketing, the first step that I wanted you to do or recommend you do before you even outsource it to anyone is have a strategy for it. What I mean by strategy is start by trying to understand what is the target audience? What are you offering? What are you? What are the current channels you’re currently using or you want to use? What is really working or not? What do you need? What are your goals or objectives that you need to get out of marketing? Make sure you have a bit of a strategy. Understand your audience, understand your offer, look at what is currently working for you & understand what you actually need so. If you don’t have a strategy, you don’t have a plan. If don’t have a plan, then there is misdirection. If you know what you need & what outcomes you want, it is going to make it easy for you to get those outcomes from your marketing.

Decide what you want to outsource
So you want to outsource. Do you want to associate social media or outsource your paid advertising? Do you want to outsource your website? Try & decide what you want to outsource. You do not have to outsource everything at once. You can probably outsource things in different stages. So decide what to outsource. Now before I go further, I’m just going to make a quick point about what I mentioned previously about having a strategy. If you do not have a strategy, it might pay to engage someone who is a digital strategist or someone who knows about digital strategy to help you just come up with a strategy before you go out and outsource things to other people.

Be clear about the returns
So you have a strategy & decided to outsource. The next thing you want to do a start assessing the return. How are you going to assess the return from your marketing? Is there going to be the cost of acquisition? Is it going to be the lifetime value? This is some of the things that you can cover when you start thinking about your strategy. So the more you can get clear on those big numbers (you might not be able to get them straight away), the easier it is going to be for you to assess the return of investment from your marketing to see whether you actually hitting your numbers (if you are actually getting value from your marketing).

Have a brand/style guide
Also, I recommend having a company brand or style guide. So what I mean by a brand or style guide is that they look at what brand elements (colours, fonts, tone etc) that you are going to use as a company. This is very crucial because if these elements match the brand, people tend to feel more confident about you. So what kind of fonts & colours are you going to be using? Things like the kind of tone, what sort of tone do you want people to perceive your company as? Do you want to come out as professional? Do you want to come out as chilled? That needs to be defined from your branding guide. It is something you can go through with a branding specialist or do yourself. A guide provides direction to someone helping you with your marketing so that they don’t go too much north or south of what you would like to be represented.

Guidelines, resources & information
I always recommend to do is try & offer as much instructions in resources to the person that is going to do your marketing. What I mean by resources, I don’t mean money. So for example, do you have any company images, do you have anything that you’ve used from a marketing point of view (brochures etc)? Collect as much information as possible. The more you can provide, the more ammunition you are giving the person who is doing your associate marketing to take in & work with. If they have to keep drawing things out of you, it will take a lot more time and they have not a lot to work with. Provide as much resources as possible.

Have a good workflow
Think about some form of a workflow. What I mean by that, for example, is how are you going to deal with approvals? At the end of the day, your marketing person might stuff up but it’s your brand and reputation that is going to be on the line, not theirs. You might point a finger on them, but by the time you point a finger on them at that time, you have already burnt your customers & your reputation is already in the drain. So have some form of a workflow which answers these questions. What point in time do you get involved? At what point do you do the approval? So that is going to help you to make sure that you can control the whole process. The other thing is to just always go slow & steady. You don’t have to outsource everything at once. You can start little and test out the company that you are outsourcing with. The more confident you feel with them, then the more you can outsource.

So there you have it, remember:

  • Have a strategy
  • Decide what you want to outsource
  • Be clear about the returns
  • Have a brand/style guide
  • Put together as much guidelines, resources & information as you can
  • Have a good workflow

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