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Curious to explore how we can help grow your sales and profits without working harder than you already are?

Start with a Free Marketing Assessment

You’ll come away with specific and practical strategies for simplifying your marketing, generating high-value clients and increasing your revenue and profits.

We only work with clients whom we feel are a strong “fit” for what we do. That’s why we developed this Client Generation Roadmap Session. Here’s what we explore together during this fast-paced, zero-BS conversation:

Part 1: What's the current situation

What marketing strategies have you explored and what results have you achieved. Our goal is to understand what's working and what needs to be improved or fixed.

Part 2: What do you want to achieve

We look at the specific targets you are hoping to achieve e.g. opt-ins, leads and sales and your desired timelines to achieve these goals.

Part 2: Strategies and recommendations

If we feel that we can help you get to where you want to be, we'll suggest specific strategies for doing that one the call.

By the end of this session, we’ll both know if we’re interested in exploring further. If so, we’ll explain the next steps.

At this stage, we’re also usually in a position to give you an indication of approximate budgets to implement our suggestions.

Please be assured, this consultation will not be a disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence we are able to supply in a 30-minute time span.


Head of Strategy & Growth

John Kiama

The strategy session will be conducted by yours truly John, The Head of Strategy & Growth and Founder of Client Generation.

John has been playing in the small business online space since 2oo4 and has worked a range of business from mom and pop businesses, tech startups and some of the leading brands in Australia.

His clients have been featured in publications like The Advertiser and Sydney Morning Herald.


"We honestly cannot thank John enough for his amazing knowledge. We were in tech-freak-out mode and he calmly listened to our business strategy and created a plan to match our online services. He is authentic and made us feel like we could ask him anything at all along the way"

Kirsty & Courts
Smart Chicks

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