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Tools Of The Trade

Here is a small selection of the tools I use and love

CRM / Market Automation



Infusionsoft is one of the most advanced marketing automation and customer lifecycle journey management tool on the market today. We use Infusionsoft for marketing automation, billing and managing membership and content delivery


If you are on the market for a CRM and marketing automation that easy to use and packs a lot of punch then ActiveCampaign is one for you. It's a reasonably priced and a great alternative for Infusionsoft.


Zapier has almost become the industry standards for connecting different systems and automating the workflow. E.g. When someone does something on one system, we can trigger actions to the person from another system e.g. sending emails or updating their status.

Landing page / Funnels



If you are really serious about driving conversions, sales and profits online, this is one tool you need in your arsenal. We use click funnel to create sale funnels and membership sites fast. What I love about it how easy it uses to use to create and share funnels.

beaver builder

Beaver Builder
This is one tool that has changed WordPress website design for good. Beaver Builder is one most advanced drag and drops website page builders in the market today. We use Beaver Builder to create all website pages and landing pages on our WordPress Websites

Social Media & Content Marketing


Great design and presentation is really really big deal these days. No longer can you get away with using old clip art or standard stock images. Thankfully, Canvas got your back. We use Canva to create social media images, brochure and banner ads.


1 in 3 websites on the internet today is built on WordPress. We use WordPress to build modern, beautiful and fully functional websites because it's a flexible and easily expandable platform. With thousands of free and premium plugins on the market today, you can get WordPress to do just about anything you need in minutes.

Courses & Membership


Learndash is one of the most trusted WordPress based learning management solution in the market today. From Universities and major corporations to top online internet marketers, the list of people who use WordPress is impressive. We use LearnDash to create the engaging online course.


We use Memberium for building powerful, automated Membership Sites with WordPress & Infusionsoft. Member handles all aspects of Membership.

Active member

ActiveMember360 is the newest and the best WordPress Membership Plugin that is exclusively built for ActiveCampaign - powerful and easy to use.


Memberpress is another tool in our arsenal that we use to create powerful membership websites.

Webinars & Communication


Skype is soo old school. We use Zoom for online meetings, coaching calls, and webinars. It's way more reliable than Skype and so darn easy to use.

Webinar Ninja

Webinars are a big part of our customer education and sales process. We use WebinarNinja to host live and automated webinars.