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How To Reliably Generate
High-value Clients Without Breaking Your Business

If You need High-Value Clients for your services, products, courses or programs...


  • How to consistently generate as many high-value clients as you need for your business any time you need them while still providing value and goodwill in your marketplace.
  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace and positioning your offers in a way that gets cut-through, makes selling easy and increases your bottom line.
  • How to maximise your revenue and profits per customer while providing maximum value and goodwill to your customers...this is the number secret for creating customers for life.
  • How to dramatically reduce the cost of marketing and customer acquisition while still driving more qualified leads.
  • A simple framework for simplifying your digital marketing get high returns without the marketing or technology overwhelm

"We honestly cannot thank John enough for his amazing knowledge. We were in tech-freak-out mode and he calmly listened to our business strategy and created a plan to match our online services. He is authentic and made us feel like we could ask him anything at all along the way"

Kirsty & Courts
Smart Chicks


About Your Presenter

The training session will be conducted by yours truly John, The Head of Strategy & Growth and Founder of Client Generation.

John has been playing in the small business online space since 2oo4 and has worked a range of business from mom and pop businesses, tech startups and some of the leading brands in Australia.

His clients have been featured in publications like The Advertiser and Sydney Morning Herald.


John Kiama

Head of Strategy & Growth, Client Generation

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